Project management and Sales

Đăng bởi Onopriyenko Volodymyr vào lúc 15/05/2019
Project management and Sales

Are you hunter or farmer? 

Yes, we have probably the best innovative security product with great market potential. Yes, we have done a good job packing the solution so end-users love it and recommend to friends and neighbours. Our next step is to go to fields to identify decision makers of all sorts and close deals. 

Do you have excellent presentation abilities? Can you in two words convince a person that True Security is important?That is Ok with me that you have never sold anything with electronics inside.  Are you determined enough to take money for a good trade? - contact me on and we start discussion of your perspectives on of following positions with our Company:

- Team lead and field sales staff
- Project managers
- Referral network managers and agents




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